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Did you go and leave your keys in the car and lock the door behind you? We’ve all been there, so don’t beat yourself up about it. Instead of trying to jimmy the door or resorting to extremes like breaking your car window, it’d more effective if you contact a 24 hour emergency locksmith near you for help. Locksmith Key Shop has been providing 24-hour locksmithing services to Alexandria, VA. We can handle home, business, and car lockout situations without too much trouble. Apart from helping with lockouts, Locksmith Key Shop is an expert locksmith that can repair your locks or replace them for you.

What does it take to be an effective emergency locksmith?

Speedy response:

An effective 24 hour emergency locksmith has to be able to respond speedily to customer requests. We don’t believe in making you wait for hours on end for help to arrive. Our mobile locksmith team can get to your location – even if you’ve gotten yourself locked out in a remote corner of Alexandria, VA – in very little time. It usually takes us no more than 30 minutes to arrive on sire.

Technical knowledge

Locks tend to be complicated affairs these days. It requires quite a bit of technical knowledge to manipulate them to get them open or repair them. Locksmiths are also expected to be able to handle cutting-edge tools and machinery, which requires special training. Locksmith Key Shop employs only the best locksmiths in the business, with superior technical knowledge. Our locksmiths can recognize and work on a wide variety of locks without too much trouble.

Superior infrastructure

A good 24 hour emergency locksmith needs the best tools in the market to provide services on site. Locksmith Key Shop’s mobile locksmith units are equipped with high-tech machinery that enable us to provide services like key-cutting on site. Our locksmiths also use tools that enable to manipulate locks with ease. We cause no damage to your property, if we can help it, while performing our services.

Here are our most popular 24-hour emergency locksmith services:

  • Locksmith Key Shop Alexandria, VA 703-586-9679Broken key extraction
  • Getting home, car, and commercial locks open with no damage
  • Quick lock rekeying
  • Lock replacement and repair
  • Eviction locksmith
  • New cabinet locks, mailbox locks, garage door locks
  • New car keys on site
  • Key duplication
  • Safe opening
  • Lockout assistance
  • Break-in damage repair
  • Ignition switch/cylinder repair and replacement

And many more

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