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We fill our homes with the latest electronic gadgets, expensive belongings and expensive jewelry but we often forget that these very articles make our home a target for burglaries and attacks. Unfortunately, there are many people ready to pillage our treasure when we are away from home or do not fortify our homes. In such circumstances the best way out is to employ a top notch locksmith firm such as ours, so can you can rest easy with the knowledge that your home is protected with the best quality locking devices available. No one understands the old adage, "A man's home is his castle" better than us. 

 Locksmith Key Shop   offers a full range of residential locksmith services in Alexandria, VA and surrounding areas. We service homes, individual bungalows, condos and apartments. We can help you if you are inadvertently locked out your home due to carelessly forgetting your keys inside, due to lost keys and any other such problem.  When you have any type of crisis connected to entry or access, we can provide support around-the-clock to repair broken locks or replace lost keys, so that you are back within the security of your home as soon as possible. We also offer residential locksmith services, which includes some of the most frequent, essential issues and requirements which occur at homes including file cabinet lock rekeying, entry doors repair, door maintenance, door frame repair and maintenance of door hardware. 

Locksmith Key Shop offers state of the art locking systems that have the highest level of security, which adds to your confidence about your home/office security. Locksmith Key Shop has been serving the Alexandria, VA area with reliable, trustworthy locksmith services for over ten years. Building a reputation for being available 24/7 every day of the year, even on holidays, Locksmith Key Shop’s success is attributed to having the most knowledgeable, courteous, reliable and prompt locksmiths in the area. No matter what emergency service you need, whether it's helping you with a broken key, a lost key, locks change or simply helping you gain entry, our professional locksmith will help you through the emergency.

We specialize in high tech security, as well as traditional services like lock repair, changing locks, cylinder replacement, and changing deadbolts. We can create a master key that unlocks every lock in your home. If you are a new tenant, we can reset the tumblers to ensure no former tenant can gain access. We are here 24/7 should you find yourself locked out with a broken or lost key. Getting you in won't take but a moment and won't cause any damage to your assets. While a broken lock may seem simple, it's a situation that needs immediate attention. Broken locks can keep you out, or worse, allow any intruder in. That's why our professional locksmiths are experienced in repairing broken locks. In the event that your lock cannot be repaired, we can build a new one onsite.

We provide a wide range of residential locksmith services:Locksmith Key Shop Alexandria, VA 703-586-9679

  • Immediate reaction to residential lockouts
  • Master key solution for the whole house  
  • Entry doors revamp and repairs
  • Entry door installation
  • Push bars 
  • Panic locks installation
  • Numerical padlocks 
  • Digital locking systems
  • High security keys 
  • Mailbox locks
  • Cabinet locks rekeying
  • Lock repairs
  • Lock replacement
  • High-security locks
  • Key cutting 
  • Key duplication 
  • Spare key creation
  • Garage door installation 
  • Garage door locks
  • Eviction services

For all your home lock and locksmith needs, Locksmith Key Shop has the right solution!