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Locksmith Key Shop Alexandria, VA 703-586-9679It’s important that you inspect your locks regularly for signs of wear and tear. A lock that isn’t working properly or is broken is – aside from being a major headache – a big security risk and may leave your property open to theft or vandalism. Locksmith Key Shop is a professional locksmith in Alexandria, VA with years of experience behind us. We offer an affordable, reliable lock change service that you can contact if you’re thinking of having your locks replaced.

Your Safety is our Priority!

Locksmith Key Shop offers free security consultations. If you’re not sure of what kind of locks you need for your building, you can contact us for help. Our experienced locksmiths will go over your property and advise you on what kind of locks you need to get and where they need to be installed. If you’ve had a theft or a break-in happen recently, Locksmith Key Shop can also repair the damage caused to your property.

Why choose us for Lock Change service?

Reputation:  Locksmith Key Shop has a reputation for providing an affordable service while maintaining a high quality of work. We also carry high-quality locks in our inventory sourced from some of the best manufacturers in the country.

All-round service: Locksmith Key Shop provides a range of locksmithing services for cars, homes and businesses. We can fix locks, rekey them or replace them. We can also make new car keys; make duplicate as well as high-security keys.

Talented team:  Our locksmiths are industry professionals with years of experience. They are well versed with a variety of locks and can recognize and fix advanced mechanical and electronic locks. We also send our team on locksmithing seminars to help them hone their skills further.  

Cost-effective:  We agree to a price before starting our work. You don’t have to pay extra even if you want us to work for you overnight, unlike with some other locksmithing companies.

24/7 service : If you need a door lock change in the middle of the night, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always available for locksmithing work 24/7, 365 days a year.

Mobile locksmith: Locksmith Key Shop is a mobile locksmith that can reach all areas of Alexandria, VA. If you’ve managed to lock yourself out of your car in a remote corner of the area, we can help. We offer door-to-door locksmithing services for home, car, and business owners.

Call Locksmith Key Shop today on 703-586-9679 for our lock change service.