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Did your file cabinet jam and you can’t get it open now? Attempting to pry it open may well cause damage to it or your possessions inside it, so it’s recommended you contact a professional locksmith who has the right tools for the job and can get the cabinet open with zero damage. Locksmith Key Shop has been unlocking file cabinets in Alexandria, VA belonging to businesses for a while now. We are familiar with all the most popular brands and makes and can get yours open in quick time, with minimum fuss.

Securing your documents:

File cabinets are where we store important documents, employee details, business plans, papers and important personal or company data. When our cabinets jam, though, or the lock stops working, it can be a major headache if you urgently need the data they are holding. Instead of panicking or taking matters in your own hands by using tools to break the lock, hiring a professional locksmith is the safer and cheaper bet in the long run. Apart from unlocking your file cabinet, Locksmith Key Shop locksmiths will also be able to repair or replace the lock on it to prevent the same thing from happening in the future.

Locks that we work with:

We are familiar with the most popular types of locks found on cabinets in the market, like:

Cam-type Lock: Like cylinder locks, the cam-type lock uses a rotating bar mechanism to lock a cabinet.

Plunger-type Lock : The plunger-type lock, as the name suggests, can be pushed to get it to locked, and requires a key to open.

High-tech Locks : Some businesses use high-security locks like keypad locks and the locks with alarms.  

Combination locks : These cabinet locks require a combination to open.Locksmith Key Shop Alexandria, VA 703-586-9679

Here are some of the services we can provide to cabinet owners:

  • Unlocking file cabinet
  • Installing new lock on cabinet
  • Repairing cabinet lock
  • Rekeying cabinet lock
  • Replacing or duplicating cabinet keys

24-hour emergency unlocking file cabinet service

Cabinets can jam at the worst possible time, including the middle of the night. Locksmith Key Shop provides 24-hour emergency locksmith services that is geared to respond to locksmithing emergencies, so don’t hesitate to call us if that happens to you. We provide onsite service, with the help of our mobile locksmith vans, and we charge a reasonable rate no matter when you want our services.

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